A few months ago I decided that I would start eating at least one salad (some sort of greens + protein & veggies) every day. I did it for about a month (January, go figure!) and then I got off track on all my health goals until about 3 weeks ago. I have started eating a salad a day again & it makes me feel AMAZING!!

A few years ago I stopped putting dressing on my salad and learned to eat it plain. Since then I have decided that most fo the time dressing is a great way to ruin a wonderful salad. There are so many great flavors to taste in a salad with a variety of ingredients and dressing just covers those flavors up!

So, what is the foundation for an incredible salad?

Greens: baby spinach, romaine lettuce, spring mix lettuce, etc.

Protein: chicken, black beans, cottage cheese, tuna, boiled egg, almond slivers, etc.

Veggies: tomatoes, corn, bell pepper, asparagus, artichoke, green peas, carrots, etc.

Optional: cheese (feta, white cheddar, sharp cheddar & pepperjack are my favorites), seeds, fruit, cooked pasta

Above is Chicken & Asparagus pasta on baby spinach. YUMMY!!!!

What’s your favorite way to eat a salad?